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How is Meladerm Free From All the Commonly Found Side Effects in Other Cream?

One of the biggest disadvantages and serious concern associated with all the skin lightening creams is the dangerous side effects associated with them. It is hard to find a skin whitening cream that does not contain any synthetic ingredients. Thankfully the Meladerm skin lightening cream users are safe from all the side effects associated with other creams.  You can checkout my experience with Meladerm pigment reducing cream on the main page of this site.  


Hydroquinone is the commonly found ingredient in most of the skin lightening creams. Though it is recognized by FDA, still it has side effects associated with it. If a cream contains more than 2% of Hydroquinone, it is surely going to cause some skin issues for you in the future. It is better to avoid using all skin care creams that contain hydroquinone. Meladerm skin lightening cream does not contain hydroquinone at all.


Skin bleaching creams usually give allergic reactions on the skin because of hydroquinone contained in it. Many people get itching and burning sensation on the skin after using the creams or skin bleaching creams that contains hydroquinone. For some it can also accompanied by pain and painful blisters on the skin.


Hydroquinone also can cause crusting on the skin. People with hypersensitive skin may even develop swelling and irresistible itching if they use creams that contain overdose of this synthetic ingredient. In case of any such reaction, it is important that the person immediately takes proper medication from an authorized dermatologist. It is always good not to use skin bleaching creams at all. Most of the times the temporary benefits obtained from skin bleaching creams do more harm to the skin in the long run.  A person should make sure to use only cream that are made up of all natural ingredients. All Meladerm products are made up of natural ingredients.


Another very dangerous and harmful ingredient commonly found in other skin care creams is mercury. If this particular ingredient is used excessively in the skin creams, it can severely dame the skin in the long run. Mercury is a kind of poison to the skin. Use cream that contain mercury will gradually allow this ingredient to get deposited in the skin cells which eventually can lead to problems associated with liver and kidney.


It is unsafe to use any cream that contain more than permitted amount of Hydroquinone and mercury as they can cause sun burns. It is highly recommended that you should not use any creams that contain these ingredients. Unfortunately, most of the skin creams available in the market today contain these ingredients.


There are also creams and skin bleaches that contain Benyl, peroxide, hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients comes in contact with hydroquinone in other creams that you might be using simultaneously, it can develop dark spots and patches on the skin.


Taking into account some of the side effects associated with most of the skincare creams that contain synthetic ingredients, the conclusion is clear. You are inviting future troubles for your skin by using all kinds of cream with harmful substances like hydroquinone. The safest and most effective ways to take care of your skin is to use good natural skincare creams like Meladerm