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Does Skin Lightening Creams Work?

God made us the way we are. However, it is difficult to for us to understand why many people got the darker skin complexion.

 The cosmetic industries are just thriving on selling variety of creams that is claimed to have skin whitening effect. In South Asian and African continent, there is a huge demand for skin lightening creams. Many of these countries, there is cultural phobia that women with darker skin will not get a good bridegroom.


Even the people with fairer skin like to use the skin lightening cream to get rid of pigmentation effects. It is very obvious that the usage of skin lightening cream is becoming a commonly accepted phenomenon among both darker and fairer skinned people. These days even men are rampantly using skin whitening creams and moisturizers.  


With so much of fashion and beauty trends that have deeply penetrated into our lifestyle, skin whitening creams also have become a necessary item in our makeup kit.


Now the question arises, do these skin whitening creams really work? Have this variety of skin whitening creams possess harmful ingredients capable of damaging the skin? Most of the skin whitening creams really makes some changes in the complexion of the skin.


The saddest and shocking fact is that most of these popularly used skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone as the major ingredient. It has been medically proved that prolonged use of skin creams that contain hydroquinone and other similar chemicals are very dangerous to the skin in the long run.


It is better to have a darker skin complexion than using all those skin whitening creams that contains harmful chemical substances. If you are too desirous of making your skin fairer and pigmentation free, it is very safe to use natural skin lightening creams like Meladerm.  


My experience in using different brands of skin lightening creams have proven me that Meladerm skin lightening cream is the best of all the creams. I am regularly using this cream since March 2011. I am really satisfied with this cream.


Within a matter of just few weeks time you will be able to get excellent result with Meladerm skin lightening cream. This skin lightening cream has multiple effects besides lightening the skin. It helps really a lot in removing all scars and pigmentation spots on the skin. Even stretch marks can be easily removed or reduced with the help of this cream.


Most of the chemical based skin lightening creams does not produce the lasting effect. The skin turns to darker complexion within a few days after one stop using the cream. However, Meladerm natural skin lightening has lasting effect in comparison to other creams.


From my experience with skin lightening creams, I can say that most of the good skin lightening creams are helpful to certain extend in making your skin fairer and glowing. But the best choice that you can make is none other than the Meladerm skin lightening cream. You may take look at my detailed Meladerm Reviews to thoroughly understand all the facts regarding this cream. 


Aslo see the YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOHeHlRKV8o on Meladerm Cream.